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About Us

We are two sisters who lived on opposite coasts for years—in San Francisco and New York—and saw each other through traveling around the country and the world. We fell in love with the places we visited, and wanted to bring the best parts home. Spaces we loved were cleanly-designed, minimalist, and adorned with simple flowers, fresh or dried. Given our urban apartments and inability to keep potted plants alive, we turned to cut flowers that were easy to care for and long lasting. We loved this aesthetic and wanted to share this easy way to brighten a room with our friends and more!

same same but different | a big hammock

same same but different | a big hammock



Based in sunny northern California, today LaRolf offers products that promote balance, wellness, and meaningful living. Inspired by our passion for interior design and travels in Copenhagen, Vancouver, and Kyoto, we founded LaRolf (pronunciation: larôlf) to create natural and minimalist arrangements.

Our locally-sourced flowers are curated with you in mind. Each bouquet is selected and trimmed for peak fragrance and health. Arrangements consist of fresh or dried natural cut flowers, and are long-lasting with minimal care to fit even the busiest lifestyles.

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.
— Linda Solegato


Greenery reminds us to stay grounded, smile, and love life. Natural flora instills in us an appreciation for the world around and helps us focus on what’s important. By bringing easy-care plants inside, LaRolf products cultivate a peaceful and positive environment that fit your active life.


Thank you for visiting! We invite you to feel empowered and curate your life, starting with your surroundings through a love for plants, simplicity, and natural beauty.