Top 10 Best Advice for Moving (your life, home, and business)

This summer, we had a big change! We moved from Sacramento to San Francisco! This move took a more time than expected, as most things usually go. We are super happy with our new work space and happy to share moving tips and decorating tips for you new home. We love dried flowers for their ease of use, especially while you are busy moving and don't have time to worry about fresh cut flowers!

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Transformation Thursday: apartment refresh using 2 types of eucalyptus

Scandinavian design has taken the design world by storm. And herein, I’d like to show you how to follow the lead of those who seem to have mastered the art of brining the outside in. In Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, home design trends nod towards an appreciation of nature and natural materials. It’s really simple, only requires two things, and makes a world of a difference.

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Comprehensive how to use eucalyptus to decorate every room in your house

It’s almost impossible to find a home that does not contain personal touches here or there, or personalized decorations. Regardless of whether it’s a dorm room, rental home, or a cabin, a home is your own individual space in the world. It’s what you call your own and where you can be yourself. For that reason, it’s only natural to want to put up picture frames, posters, throw pillows, or souvenirs from happy memories. In this article, I will introduce some decorating ideas that will use eucalyptus plants.

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What is it? Lavender and its magical & medicinal qualities

In the scientific community, Lavender is known as “Lavandula.” Lavender is a genus, or biological classification rank, and part of the Mint family called Lamiaceae. Over 39 species of Lavender are known, in violet, lilac, blue, blackish purple, and yellow colors. Lavender plants are either annual plants with a lifespan of 1 year or perennial plants, with a lifespan over 2 years.

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