Fresh Eucalyptus Branches Photoshoot Results

We had so much fun this weekend shooting new photos for our website. Here are two of our favorites! Scroll all the way day for a glimpse at our editing process!

fresh eucalyptus branch

This image captures an eucalyptus stem at its finest. The branch looks poignant and poised, and you can see all the details of the stem, leaves, and baby flower bulbs growing on the stem. Eucalyptus leaves do have a fine white powdery feeling, and when you rub the leaf between two fingers, the leaf releases a strong refreshing minty aroma.

While we shot this on a white background, the sun was setting and cast kind of a grey color to the backdrop. We were going to edit it out, but now we actually like it! The grey is a nice cool tone to contrast the rich green of the eucalyptus branch.

two fresh eucalyptus branches real natural easy

This photo was shot on the same white background, but also turned out grey. We also love this image and think the stems look really beautiful up-close and personal. We actual shot an entire bunch of eucalyptus branches, but zoomed in tight for this shot. This is the uncropped version, so maybe in future usages of this photo, we might cut off the barely-there partial stem on the right-hand side of the photograph.

What we love about this image is the contrast between the two eucalyptus branches, One is more mature, with flowering bulbs growing off of the stem. The other is much younger, and adolescent, having just started its growth. The stem is narrow and thin, and the leaves are smaller and more timid. However, the baby eucalyptus branch is no less beautiful than the more mature branch!

fresh eucalyptus branches photo session

Here is a glimpse at our editing process. We found our eucalyptus branches look best against neutral backgrounds. We wanted to make sure we started off the week on the right foot! It’s going to be a fun spooky Halloween!

Hope you had a nice weekend too!