Brighten up your room this winter with billy balls

Winter is definitely here. There is no denying that. But while winter usually brings for me a bout of winter blues and S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), one way I’m fighting that is with billy balls. Or formally called craspedia. These flowers are basically the sun on a stick!

The bright yellow balls sit on top of tall skinny stems. When dried, they last a lifetime! We love putting a few stems in little bud vases and placing them around a room, on a bookshelf, side table, and really anywhere to remind us to look for the best in every day.

dried billy balls on side table in blue bud vases

Here are a few in cute blue bud vases, that contrast very naturally against the yellow. Blue is the color of water! (Side note: studies show that people who look at bodies of water on a daily basis are generally happier!) You do not need a lot, just two or three stems is enough!

billy balls in bud vase on bookshelf

Here we have the cute arrangements on a bookshelf. I love anything that draws our attention for a moment, reminding me to appreciate the little things and big things going on in my life.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Bring the sun inside with your own mini suns!

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