How LaRolf processes your fresh eucalyptus branches and continued care


Herein, we dive a little bit deeper in how to best care for your fresh eucalyptus branches. It’s easy to care for your natural fresh real eucalyptus branches.

Although they have been picked. fresh eucalyptus branches are able to retain their pliant texture and fragrance for weeks. Before you receive your fresh eucalyptus branches in the mail, we already start the process for making your eucalyptus branches the healthiest they can be. Fresh natural eucalyptus branches are easy to care for, last a long time, and look beautiful fresh or dried. But the few things you must do are very essential!

Our pre-shipment processing

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We actually already prepare your eucalyptus branches for peak healthiness. We work with local northern California farms that pick the eucalyptus branches at their peak health, and we do another round of quality inspections before we chose to ship them to you. We keep the eucalyptus branches submerged in water the entire transit process.

We receive fresh eucalyptus branches every business day, and we minimize the amount of transit time so you can enjoy your eucalyptus branches for as long as possible.

Before we ship them out to you, we make sure to remove the branches from the water bath, and do a bit of shipping prep.

We inspect the eucalyptus branches for peak health, and make sure to select eucalyptus branches that have clear “paths of water” up the stem. We then cut the branches at an angle at their ends to open up fresh water channels for your eucalyptus branches to siphon up water. We like to keep the eucalyptus branches hydrated as they are shipped to you. So we use floral tubes and floral foam paper, like those used to ship fresh roses, to ensure your natural eucalyptus branches arrive hydrated, fresh and in tip-top shape.

Be prepared for your eucalyptus branches to arrive

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Before you receive your shipment, either make sure to order a vase with your bouquet or to have one ready. Ensure you have a nice sized vase to place your fresh eucalyptus branches in. The vase should be the correct size for the number of eucalyptus branches you wish to display. Try not to pack too many eucalyptus branches into the vase and make sure all of the stems will be adequately submerged in the water you will fill your vase with.

An optional tool is having sharp scissors to recut the bottoms of the eucalyptus branches if necessary. If you think your eucalyptus branches are not siphoning up enough water, try cutting the bottom about an inch. Feel free to use any scissors you have on hand, be that regular craft scissors or kitchen shears, or gardening shears!

When your fresh eucalyptus branches are delivered

Water is so important to keeping your fresh eucalyptus branches as healthy as possible and as long-lasting as possible. You don’t need those fancy flower food packets or special mixtures. Just plain ol’ water is good enough. So luckily, it’s super easy to make sure your branches are hydrated.

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When you receive your eucalyptus, you should fill your vase with water. Then place your fresh eucalyptus branches into the vase. Make a mental note of where the water line falls on your branches.

Preventing bacteria growth

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Remove any stray leaves that will fall below the water line. Extra eucalyptus leaves under water are the number one reason for your water turning yellow (or greenish-yellow) and promote bacteria growth. That harms your natural eucalyptus branches and their longevity. Thus, you should take care to pick off those remaining leaves that would be submerged in the water.

You can hold up a eucalyptus branch next to the vase of water to figure out the lowest leaves to remove.

Fully removing leaves

Make sure to fully remove the eucalyptus leaves from the stem. If you accidentally peel away some of the stem, that is perfectly fine!

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Once you have a bare naked stem, you are done and can place all of your fresh eucalyptus branches in the clean water. Then wash your hands and admire your work!

For the next three weeks or until your branches stop absorbing water, make sure to keep your water clean. Just remove your eucalyptus branches from the vase and set them down nearby. Pour out the old water and replace with new room temperature water. We like to change our water every other day, and even when we slip up, we are easily reminded since the water turns a little yellow.

Once you are done with your fresh eucalyptus branches, you have the option to dry them and create a dried eucalyptus branches arrangement, or throw away and order new branches!

Taking care of your eucalyptus branches is important and easy!

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