Comprehensive how to use eucalyptus to decorate every room in your house

It’s almost impossible to find a home that does not contain personal touches here or there, or personalized decorations. Regardless of whether it’s a dorm room, rental home, or a cabin, a home is your own individual space in the world. It’s what you call your own and where you can be yourself. For that reason, it’s only natural to want to put up picture frames, posters, throw pillows, or souvenirs from happy memories. In this article, I will introduce some decorating ideas that will use eucalyptus plants.

What is Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is an evergreen gumtree known for its tall branches, symmetrical leaves, and refreshing fragrance. Originally from Australia, there are over three hundreds types of Eucalyptus. Today, some species are grown here in California.

Compared to a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant, Eucalyptus is far easier to take care of — as you only need to change the water and cut stems of the Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus can last up to three weeks with fresh water changes and after three weeks, you can remove the Eucalyptus from water and let is air dry.

Once the Eucalyptus is air dried, Eucalyptus can last forever and its scent will last for years.

Eucalyptus has recently grown in popularity as it pairs well with the minimalist and artisan trends. There’s also been a widespread movement to have decorative plants in the house, and eucalyptus is certainly an ideal option as they are low-maintenance and long lasting.


If you are have a hallway with room for a side table or entryway table, you should consider adding eucalyptus as a decor item. You can place a handful of eucalyptus in a showstopping jar on top of the table. Make sure the leaves hangout large and wide so that’s it noticable. Everytime you walk by the table to and from different rooms, you will not only see the eucalyptus, but you will smell it, too.


As your sanctuary for peace and comfort, the bedroom is the perfect location to place eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus will go beautifully on your bedside table next to a photo of your loved ones, so that you can fall asleep and wake up to a relaxing smell. If you have other surfaces around the room like a dresser, bookshelf or desk, you can place the eucalyptus in a vase that matches the rest of the room.

If you’re limited on space, you can also hang the eucalyptus off a shelf or door knob. Eucalyptus is one of those plants that does not take up too much space, yet brings a huge volume of lush forest vibes and cooling fragrance.


The place where you clean up and ready for the day could benefit from a touch of eucalyptus.

Especially as a small space with high moisture, the bathroom will get the most benefit of eucalyptus. Not only when the steam from your shower activate the leaves to release its eucalyptus oil, eucalyptus does not take up too much space and be placed almost anywhere from your counters to above your toilet or even in your shower. A simple trending trick is to tie up a handful of eucalyptus and hang it off your shower head. That way, when you shower you can still enjoy the view of the branches and have an eucalyptus-flavored steam.


Known as the hustle-and-bustle of your home, the kitchen is also an area that deserves some love from eucalyptus.

As one of the main hubs of your space, find a rustic or clear vase or jar and add five to six branches of eucalyptus in it. The eucalyptus will add so much life into the room and let anyone who’s eating or cooking take in a relaxing scent.

A jar of eucalyptus also adds a nice dimension to the room if you place it in the center countertop or table. It’s a perfect centerpiece — and a great conversation starter for guests.

However, you can also place it on a surface that is less used. One benefit of having eucalyptus in the kitchen is that it’s close to the kitchen sink, so you can change the water easily or pick off any of the leaves.

If space is an issue, sticking one or two branches in small spaces, such as between your plates or next to a fruit bowl, will also add volume to the space. The striking benefits of incorporating nature into your space is that natural decor does not need to be perfect. In fact, the most beautiful things in life are natural and unique.


Believe it or not, your closet is an actual room and space in your home that deserves a touch of decor.

The final place you can consider adding eucalyptus is in your closet. While a closet is typically small and tiny, eucalyptus is the perfect plant to add and make the closet a bit more cozy and enjoyable. Simply tie a branch or two of eucalyptus and hang it off of some hangers or a hook. It will add a nice touch and bring a wonderful scent into this small space.

Final Words

As you can now learned, everyone room has the potential to be decorated. Eucalyptus is a versatile plant to add nature and warmth to any room. It’s also a natural fragrance, and a great alternative to artificial air fresheners. Regardless of whether you have a vase or not, eucalyptus can be held and hung off of many types of surfaces. Even leaving a handful of eucalyptus on a surface is a whimsical touch to the room.

In my own home, I keep multiple jars of eucalyptus on the kitchen counter. I find when they are not there, the room feels more empty and sterile. I’ve gotten used to having eucalyptus in my living spaces and also like lighting a scented candle next to them to create a romantic mood.

If you are looking for options for Eucalyptus, I hope you consider branches from La Rolf ( — we have a variety of eucalyptus and vases to choose from and are the same eucalyptuses that can be found in my own home. If you have found other decorating ideas for eucalyptus, please give me a shout!