Essential examples of how to decorate your office using eucalyptus

Picture your workspace. It may be your old college Ikea desk or part of the kitchen counter walled off by a stack of mail. It could also be a state-of-the-art adjustable standing desk at your company’s open plan campus. Regardless of what you consider your workspace, everyone’s place of productivity and creativity is unique and designed for your mind to shine.

It’s important to design your workspace to improve focus and productivity. In today’s post, I will introducing how to decorate your desk using eucalyptus and explain where you can find eucalyptus.

My experience

The workspace is where you have produced your best work, made fascinating discoveries, and spent significant time honing your skills.

In the beginning of my remote role, I discounted the value of designing my working space. After all, my work is not bounded by any office, so I technically could work anywhere. Why put in effort and investment for one space when I have a sea of options at coffee shops, co-working spaces, and living rooms with comfy couches?

My original setup was a wood desk located in my bedroom. I used to spend significant amounts of time at that desk during my coding bootcamp days, but since starting work, I used it less and less. The desk had wires everywhere, papers, dishes, and trash - it was the makeshift surface as the room’s dumping ground.

Even the technologies I selected for my desk were poorly selected. Instead of a monitor, I used a small TV. I didn’t have a keyboard or mouse. My chair was a metal folding chair I bought off a friend for five bucks. Needless to say, my space was not inspiring and my productivity during this period was not the best.

Working remotely at cafes may appear as the ultimate dream, but the hassle of being chained to a seat, relying on neighboring strangers to guard your items and tuning out ambient conversations and music are sometimes huge distractions of their own. After weeks of working like this, I realized that I needed an accessible. designated space where I can reliable work and gain inspiration.

Today, I am happy with my work set-up. It still consists of a desk in my bedroom, but I can confidently say my workspace has contributed to good working habit. I’ve gotten a better monitor, an ergonomic chair, and medium-size arrangement of eucalyptus. I will try to find a photo of the eucalyptus I currently keep at my desk.

The Basics

First and foremost, have a desk. Regardless of whether you prefer working from a coach, floor, or (hopefully not) bed, it’s important to have a four-legged surface available where you can write, put up a computer, and set your letters or books down to read.

Secondly, make sure all your tools and technologies suit your need. If you are spending long hours on a computer, get an external monitor. If you care about your posture, invest in an ergonomic chair or laptop stand. If you are doing a lot of typing, get a keyboard that takes pressure off your wrists.

You may also want to consider other non-technological tools, such as pens, highlighters, notepad, or a physical calendar. If you tend to eat at your desk or currently experiencing a cold, keep a small trash can nearby as well as tissue paper and hand sanitizer.

Finally, make sure you space is generally clean and minimal - having lots of clutter or trash on your table can cause stress, so try to make it a habit of keeping your desk clean and clear. Making sure you have all the basic tools available is the easiest steps for ensuring you are productive and comfortable.

Visual Needs - Bringing nature into the office with Eucalyptus

With the basics met, it’s time to customize your desk and bring some soul and personality into your workspace.

Adding a few items to your desk can make your workspace feel more like home when you add a photograph of your loved one or your favorite vacation destination. If you work in an office space, it also serves as an excellent conversation starter for your colleagues to get to know you.

Another great item to add is eucalyptus. Generally, having a plant on a desk is a risk as it require maintenance, sunlight and monitoring - tasks that you may not have the bandwidth for during the workday. However, with Eucalyptus, all you need is a simple vase or container and some water to hold the eucalyptus. If you are in the process of drying or have dried eucalyptus, you may not even need a vase. The most maintenance needed for eucalyptus is changing the water every week, which should be easy enough to do at the office.

Eucalyptus is a beautiful plant to keep on your desk. Having some green on your desk breaks the greys, whites, and metals of a working environment into something more natura. Eucalyptus is peaceful to look at the dark green symmetrical leaves. The narrow stems ensure that they do not take up too much space, but can rise up high into the room. Placing a few stems of this evergreen on your desk will ensure will create a beautiful, relaxing workspace you can look forward to working at every day.

Personally, for me, I’ve never been a plant person until I discovered eucalyptus. Eucalyptus makes perfect sense for my workspace because I prefer a low-maintenance plant. Also, when I’m traveling, I can rest assure that I do not come back to a moldy dead plant. In fact, everything I walk into a room, the eucalyptus is the first thing I notice.

Auditory Needs

If you are the type of person that needs music, this section might be better for you. If you need to listen to something while working, consider investing in a quality sound system that can be paired up with your computer. I particularly like the Sonos speakers because of the minimal wires and its clean cut design. Also, the sound quality is pretty good for something that comes out of only one box.

If you work in an open space, you will need headphones. Be sure to try out a handful of headphones before committing to one as headphones come in different sizes, color, shape and sound quality. Generally, pick a headphone that is built to last. If possible, choose a headphone that also provide noise cancelling so that you can hear your music better and also block out ambient noise from the environment.

If you have no-noise working style, consider picking up some earplugs or white noise maker.

Olfactory Needs - Creating a zen environment Eucalyptus oil

Finally, most people overlook the olfactory needs of a working space.

If you enjoy having coffee while working, putting a coffee maker or pot near your desk would be an excellent source of smell - and energy. The same goes for tea lovers.

Depending on your space’s fire policies, keeping your favorite candle at your desk is an aromatic well to add amazing scents into your space. The particular candle I love that makes the whole space smell amazing without needing a light is from Candle Fish. Candles with lower melting points tend to having stronger scents.

Finally, I must recommend adding a vase with eucalyptus. Native to Australia, Eucalyptus is a simple plant packed with essential oils so you can be ensured that the scent will last for months and even years to come. Regardless of whether the eucalyptus is fresh or dried, eucalyptus has a refreshing minty scent that will keep your mind focused and refreshed. The smell is calming and not overbearing, so if you have coworkers nearby, the eucalyptus should not affect others. The smell of eucalyptus will help create a relaxing atmosphere as the smell will bring back memories of the woods or a spa.

You only need a couple branches of Eucalyptus at your desk to enjoy its effects. For a plant, eucalyptus take up minimum space and may not even require vase. Consider simple hanging some branches off of the wall in front of you.

Especially if you have a tight deadline coming up and tough challenge, having a eucalyptus on your desk may help with relieving stress and creating a calmer environment for you to work.

Eucalyptus, a reminder to enjoy our work

I hope this post inspires you to think about improving your workspace and the effect of design and decorating on your work. As I mentioned a couple times in the post, Eucalyptus is an easy addition you can add to your desk. Eucalyptus are known for both its relaxing fragrant leaves and add to your office space, scent-wise.

Eucalyptus is also a beautiful plant in general to keep at your desk. It brings nature and color into your workspace without the high-maintenance of other plants. If you are considering getting eucalyptus for your office space, La Rolf offers a few options of Baby Blue Eucalyptus for your desk space and budget. All you need is to find a matching vase for your Eucalyptus, which can also be changed throughout the year depending on the season and your preferences.

In the world of overbooked calendars and high paced work schedules, adding an eucalyptus to our space can help inspire us to take digital detoxes regularly and enjoy the simple joys in life.

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