How to decorate with eucalyptus this winter

While wintertime is often known as a time of coldness, bare trees (if you live in a four-season environment) you can still brighten your home with life using greenery like eucalyptus branches. Eucalyptus is an Australian native plant that brings a relaxing fragrant to any room. It is also grown in California, which is where we source our plants - and there any many species of eucalyptus available.

eucalyptus garland LaRolf

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Make an eucalyptus garland

A quick search on Youtube or Google will result in many tutorials that show you step-by-step instructions on how to make a garland with eucalyptus. In the example here, the garland is made using the softer silver dollars, of which we offer a dried version, but fresh silver dollars can be found at local florists. You can create a dried arrangement also that lasts the whole season. You may want to buy a large quantity of eucalyptus if you plan to make a longer garland for your stairway, fireplace, or counter-top.

eucalyptus vase holidays LaRolf

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Add eucalyptus to holiday vases

If you have any festive holiday vases, this is the time to display them. You can use this an opportunity to insert a few branches of eucalyptus in the vases. Not only will the vases look beautiful with some real plants, this arrangement will bring a beautiful fragrance into any room. For the winter holidays, we love how eucalyptus looks amongst pine branches, pine cones, and red currant branches.

eucalyptus wreath LaRolf

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Create an eucalyptus wreath

If you want to take your front door to the next level and wow your visitors, you can do DIY plant arrangement. You can try creating a wreath made out of eucalyptus. Here is some inspiration for a eucalyptus wreath that you can try to make. This one is lovely already, but you can spice it up with other flowers, pine cones, bows, ornaments, and more!