Official LaRolf Flower Care Guide

LaRolf has curated a collection of the easiest, breeziest, most beautiful flowers for you to care for and fit your active lifestyle. We love dried flowers since they last months, and require no upkeep. Replace when the petals have faded and you want to refresh the scent! We love fresh eucalyptus branches since they last for weeks on very little maintenance. No more coming home to rotted or wilted plants.

Official LaRolf Dried Flower and Fresh Eucalyptus Care Guide

Here are the simplest instructions on flowers ever:

Dried flowers

  1. Carefully remove from box and place flora in vase. That’s it!

Your dried arrangement will last months to a year, and handle with care since the flowers are brittle. To clean, we recommend using a hair dryer on low and cool settings.

Fresh eucalyptus branches:

  1. Carefully remove from box and place in vase of water. Make sure the water level covers the stems, and no leaves touch the water (shortens plant life)

  2. Change water every few days

  3. After 3 weeks, pour out the water and let branches dry

You DIY-ed your own dried arrangement! Dried eucalyptus branches will last a few months.