Simple design trick to create ambiance

eucalyptus branches home decor

Every wonder how to get that zen-cafe-esque feel in your home? It’s actually pretty simple to achieve. All it takes is a little bit of clean-up and a beautiful focal point.

We like to de-clutter first, removing the mail and magazines that have piled up on the coffee table, side-tables, kitchen counter, and really every surface (I really do not remember having ever subscribed to Bloomberg, People, and Fortune, but they keep showing up, so I keep on keeping them in case I read them)! Anything I’ve read or older than a month, I usually toss.

I also do a sweep for jackets and handbags left on chairs. I put them away in the closet and do another sweep for anything else that does not belong.

Second, I clean surfaces with a cleaning wipe and some glass-cleaner for clear surfaces.

That was the hard part.

Third, I decorate! I fluff the pillows, assemble my candles in groups of threes (I find they just look better in trios).

For that final touch, I fill a narrow vase with some fresh eucalyptus branches. Eucalyptus branches are beautiful, easy to care for, and add a lot to a room visually and aromatically.

Make sure when decorating that your space does not become cluttered in the process. I love big airy spaces, and you can achieve that even in small tight areas with simple, clean lines in your furniture and decor. Make sure your room is well lit, by natural sunlight or ambient clean white-light bulbs (not the yellow/orange lighting), and that you have ample seating and surfaces to relax with a cup of tea and a book!

- Liv