Effortless chic real plant-life for city dwellers

where to buy eucalyptus branches

Have you ever lived in an urban area? I have! I lived in New York for four glorious years. And I still believe there’s no place like it. The glistening skyscrapers and adorable townhouses were always a sight worth slowing down for. And the quaint cafes and hipster coffee shops gave me plenty of reasons to work outside of my apartment.

People not from the city always asked me how I liked it. Depending on the day, I usually said something to the effect of either, “it’s so crazy here” or “everything’s perfect!” Over time, I said the former more and more.

Through visiting other places around the US and world, I found that I loved certain kinds of indoor decor. Namely, those that bring the outdoors in! I realized I needed more nature in my day-to-day life. The city that never sleeps is also incredibly grey.

For a while, Regina sent me fresh flowers! I almost always missed the delivery guy and waited for hours the next day to make sure I didn’t miss them twice. After finally getting the flowers, trimming the stems, getting poked by this and that, mixing up flower food, and touching their fuzzy or slimy stems, the flowers only last a few days (minus a day from missing the delivery YMMV). I got progressively more annoyed with their short lifespan.

So I tried my hand at pseudo-gardening, aka raising a few houseplants on my window sill. BUT I could only keep my plants alive for a few weeks, if that. Even my succulents eventually died. I do admit that I was not the most conscientious plant-mama. Although partial blame should definitely go to the weak sunlight in my living room. I was ultimately deterred when I started noticing random little bugs everywhere, which I traced to the soil in my pots.

Combining nature into your living space should be like Covergirl, “easy, breezy, beautiful!.” Ideally, it should be effortless.

I first read about eucalyptus on where everybody learns about anything nowadays - the dun dun dun, internet. It made something in my head click! I had seen beautiful eucalyptus arrangements in cafes in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Cape Town! But I never thought about bringing those vibes home until now.

When I made my first eucalyptus arrangement, I knew this was the winner! Fresh eucalyptus branches were to easy to maintain and smelled fragrant for weeks. They looked so pretty in my vases, and made me feel happy! I loved their color, height, smell, the way they swooned! The leaves were pliant and didn’t make my hands feel icky. And they made me feel more zen in my home, and gave my space very calming vibes, or at least vibes aesthetically more like my favorite cafes!

Now, eucalyptus is my go-to way to add a little more nature to my life. I love the simple, minimalist look of a vase of branches. And they make my surroundings feel purposeful, curated, and honestly just really nice, without taking away the time I need to focus on other priorities.

The word eucalyptus stems from the greek words “ευ καλύπτω” which mean well (eu) and covered (calyptos). I believe these plants help me take care of me! - my mental wellness - and I can’t help but smile


- Liv