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Easy Long Lasting Dried Flowers & Fresh Eucalyptus Branches
LaRolf Dried Flowers For Sale Online

Thoughtful Standards for Modern Homes.

Dried plants never looked this good

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Why We LOVE Dried Flowers

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Stylish & Simple

Dried flowers look gorgeous in any room.


Lasts Forever & Ever

Since they are air-dried, these plants can last forever. No need to toss when they wilt, rot, or mold—they won’t.


No Green Thumbs Necessary

Say goodbye to watering, repotting, floral feed packets, and changing yellowing-water, Just pop these in a vase and you’re ready to go!


Our Story

After countless attempts to keep succulents alive and expensive bouquets fresh, we set out to find alternatives to real, natural plant decor that’s are easy-to-maintain and most importantly, last.

Our florals are selected based on style and durability, so that you can enjoy your plants for years. Thanks for visiting our store!


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