Fresh Eucalyptus Branches

Fresh Eucalyptus Branches

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Baby blue variety. Delivered fresh with stems immersed in water (either floral water tubes or floral water foam paper wrapping).

Our favorite eucalyptus variety with small twin leaves along the branches, the baby blue branches are:

  • Very much green despite their name and the classic type of eucalyptus branch. Baby blues can be identified by the tiny heart-shaped leaves that grow in pairs directly along the stems, which begin curving out towards the ends

  • Baby blues are evergreens with a refreshing scent that can be detected by anyone who walks by it and lasts a long time. If you rub the leaves or the stem, you will feel a bit of its natural white wax, which is why it is also called the gum tree

  • We love baby blue arrangements that accentuate its strong lines. You can lean all the branches to one side or put just a few stems in a simple, transparent vase. It is also pleasant to tie the ends of the branches together and hang the baby blues upside down around your home

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