how to decorate your apartment with Fresh and dried Eucalyptus

Scandinavian design has taken the design world by storm. And herein, I’d like to show you how to follow the lead of those who seem to have mastered the art of brining the outside in. In Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, home design trends nod towards an appreciation of nature and natural materials. It’s really simple, only requires two things, and makes a world of a difference.

Let’s walk through the entire decorating process!

Original Room: Before the addition of eucalyptus

apartment sans fresh eucalyptus branches online

Here is a pretty standard-looking one bedroom apartment, with a common area that encompasses the kitchen, dining room, and living room. This apartment has definitely had some thought put into the decor already, and is free from clutter and mess. The space is simple and sweet, has a nice neutral color scheme of whites, blacks, and reds. The windows are large and let in a ton of light. While we think this space is already pretty good, it could be even better. Let’s take this one step further to create a space we can adore.

Variation #1: Adding dried eucalyptus branches to side table

living room plus fresh eucalyptus

In this exact same space, we have upgraded the living room part of the apartment with baby blue dried eucalyptus branches. The floral arrangement is simple, eye-catching, and creates a bit more interest in a nice-decorated but overlooked corner. We love how the green contrasts with the neutral whites and tans. The branches also make the room feel more personal, inviting, and homey.

Variation #2: Adding silver dollar fresh eucalyptus branches as a centerpiece

kitchen table after adding silver dollar fresh eucalyptus branches

Let’s try a different spot for a slightly different impact. We added fresh silver dollar eucalyptus for a different feel. This arrangement packs a punch, and centers the room since the table is so central in the room. We love how this changes the entire space to feel fresher!

Try it yourself!